SICC Series 2020 was a huge success. EUProtect was there as well!

More than 600 participants from all over the world, countless interactions on the virtual reality system, more than 160 works presented, and 4 industrial exhibitors.

The worldwide community of #CBRNe and #Emergency experts connected in an incredible occasion to share thoughts, ideas, research, technology and innovation.  Despite the difficulties caused by the #Coronavirus pandemic, the international community working in #safetyandsecurity is still hard working, creating, thinking, communicating, connecting, thinking solutions, and, most of all, being friends and united to face this and all the future emergencies that will come.

#EUProtect was presented on December 10th, during the Technical Table 3 which was chaired by the project coordinator Umberto Battista.

#SecurityUnion, #ISF, #europeancommission #safetyandsecurity.

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