First results of the EUProtect activities

First results of the activities carried out by #EUProtect project.

The video shows the models and the simulations of the two use cases involved in the project: a shopping mall and a metro station.

The objective of the simulation campaign is to analyze and identify the potential criticalities that may arise during the various emergency scenarios in order to investigate new solutions capable of protecting citizens during the subsequent phases of the project.

The simulations were developed via agent based model, which is a great tool for simulating and analyzing crowd behavior in complex environments and scenarios.

Thanks to STAM S.r.l. for sharing this video and to all the other members of the consortium for their contribution. IAI – Istituto Affari InternazionaliMetro de Madrid, S.A.Paulinyi & Partners, APF ingeniería, University of Rome Tor Vergata, CBRN GATE a comprehensive portal.

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