EUProtect Second Webinar Completed Successfully - Thank you for participating!

The consortium of #EUProtect: “Development of new solutions for the protection of citizens and infrastructures against terrorist threats” is proud to announce that today’s second dissemination webinar was a successful effort as it saw the participation of about 40 experts from several countries around the world. We hope that you enjoyed the webinar and, if so, we invite you to share this project with your professional network.

Thank you to all the participants, the speakers and the organisers for contributing to the success of this event.

STAM S.r.l.IAI – Istituto Affari InternazionaliMetro de Madrid, S.A., APF Ingeniería, Paulinyi & PartnersUniversity of Rome Tor VergataCBRN GATE a comprehensive portal

#SecurityUnion, #ISF, #europeancommission #safetyandsecurity #criticalinfrastructure #CBRN.

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